Message from the Chief Warden

The cost of discipline is always less than the price of Regret; So self-discipline is the biggest investment for success in life.

My warm greetings to all the Boarders of Ladies hostel, Govt. ITI, Bhubaneswar, their parents living in Odisha, and other parts of the world, and esteemed visitors of this website.

It gives us mammoth inclination to welcome you all to be a part of Govt. ITI, Bhubaneswar family that strives to provide students a homely and healthy atmosphere with complete Safety and security in the hostel.

At the hostels of Govt. ITI, Bhubaneswar, we not only take efforts to provide its students a neat and clean environment and a comfortable place to live in, but encourage them to live in discipline. We understand discipline is the key to success and career building, hence we promote self-discipline among students.

We know hostel life is a union of diverse cultures and different upbringings, which blends into a harmony for a rich and memorable experience. We provide atmosphere where they can learn, laugh and live to the fullest. The Wardens and caretakers ensure that the students get a clean, green and relaxed atmosphere. We promote green sustainability inside the hostel premises.

Govt. ITI, Bhubaneswar hostel infrastructure is fastened with amenities like 24 hour power supply, cold and hot water availability, Wi-Fi connectivity, clean and hygienic environment, spacious and comfortable rooms, , clean toilets, periodic disinfection of building, mess with dedicated staff, nutritious menu with variety, activity room, playgrounds, 24 hours medical facility and many more things inside hostel campus and 24-hour security.

Comforts are important but they are not enough. Man is a social animal and needs to interact with others. The resident students are encouraged to participate in so many cultural and social activities round the year. Colorful evenings of songs and dances are common on the campus.

Talent shows, dramatics and literary events are organized from time to time. The inmates of hostel are encouraged to live in harmony, alike one big family, offering each other a helping hand whenever required.

Mutual cooperation is to make hostel life a rich and fruitful experience. Living in a hostel presupposes high degree of integrity, mindfulness, cooperation, open-mindedness and hard work for a bright future and good image of the institution.

It also becomes the highest obligation & responsibility of all residents that they must keep the University hostel free from Polythene, Alcohol, Smoke etc. to ensure pollution free environment and refrain themselves to be part of any unlawful act including ragging to avoid any severe disciplinary action from the University.

My warm wishes are with you for your outstanding academic careers.

Room Description

Mattresses would be available within the hostel premise by two vendors stationed on a chargeable basis or one can get own mattress. Old and used mattresses are available on a request basis at no cost. Triple seated rooms are available with the following facilities-

  • Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Common wardrobe
  • Study Tables with chairs
  • Overhead Shelves for storage.
  • Universal Sockets at study tables and near Beds
Hostel Fee Structure:
Sl. No. Academic Year Fees Total Fees
1 2022-2023 Covered under Sudakhya Scheme Covered under Sudakhya Scheme 
Hostel Time-table:
  Working Days Holidays
Session Name Start-time End-time Start-time End-time
Breakfast 7:30 AM 9:00AM 8:00AM 10:00AM
Lunch 12:30PM 2:00PM 1:00PM 3:00PM
Dinner 7:30PM 9:00PM 7:30PM 9:30PM
Hostel Rules & Regulations:
Room Allotment-
  • Rooms will be allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Allocation of the rooms also depends on the hostel warden. Hostel facility is free of cost for girl trainees. 
  • Students are required to bring one passport-size photograph, Own Aadhar card, Aadhar card of Parents & amp; Local Guardian along with a printed copy of the online payment registration receipt (CAF).
  • Allotment made to a student is subject to cancellation if he/she fails to occupy the room in the prescribed time. Students will also forfeit their rooms if they fail to maintain the ethical habits. In such cases, they will be asked to vacate the hostel. Any student rusticated from the Institute for disciplinary reasons will need to immediately vacate from Hostel.
  • Hostel accommodation is allotted purely on the condition that the student agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the hostel. The Chief Warden reserves the right to evict the resident from the hostel at any time on disciplinary grounds.
  • The Chief Warden/ hostel management reserves the right to break open rooms in case of any violation of hostel rules, suspected unlawful activities or on the basis of security risk perceived
Changing the Rooms
  • Students must occupy rooms specifically allotted to them. They are not allowed to change rooms except with the written permission of the Hostel Superintendent.
  • Application of change of room to the Hostel Superintendent’s Office will be permitted only after one month of room allocation as per availability and allowed only one time with a valid reason
  • The shift will be permitted only on production of a receipt of payment and written approval from the Hostel Superintendent’s Office
Safety & Security
  • Complete safety and security of students are ensured by the Chief Security Officer and Chief Warden
  • It is compulsory to use the underpass for going to Institute from the hostel.
  • The Institute strongly discourages students from staying outside the hostels. However, if the students wish to make their own arrangements, they have to submit a consent letter from their parents/guardians to Hostel Superintendent. It is mandatory for such students to give their local address, contact/mobile number and subsequent changes as well (if any) to the designated authorities.
  • If a hostel resident student wants to vacate the hostel for any reason, their parents have to submit a written consent letter to Hostel Superintendent.
  • The Hostel In & Out time will be communicated by the Chief Warden’s Office through notices or email
Hostel Handbook
  • The students will be provided with a detailed handbook of Hostel Rules and Regulations at the time of admission, which will be available on our hostel online student portal also, it is mandatory for students to accept the same.
  • The student will receive an email with detailed instructions to book their hostel rooms, on their registered email Id after their admission is confirmed with the Institute.
  • It is expected that students take care of all assets with extreme diligence. Ill-handling of any asset by the student will be borne by the students either individually or collectively. In this, the decision of the Chief Warden/Hostel Management will be final.
  • Student Undertaking Form: All the fresher students / 1st -time hostellers are needed to sign the undertaking form at the time of room allocation.
Other facilities provided at the Hostel:
  • Quadruple occupancy rooms with modular furniture fittings.
  • RO treated drinking water at convenient.
  • Sanitary Pad dispensing machines & destroyer machine at convenient locations in girls’ hostel
  • Hangout Zones such as, Common Rooms, Group study areas, etc.
  • Recreational area with Music Room, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, etc.
  • SBI ATM, convenience stores, saloon, etc.
  • Dedicated Physical activity Teacher.
  • The hostel blocks are fire compliant and well equipped with fire-fighting systems like fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, emergency lights, public announcement system, etc.
Assets & Inventories provided within the Room by the Institute:
  • Study table, chair, bed lamp (upper bed only), bookshelf & amp; book racks
  • Fan and light
  • Mattress
  • Bedside table
  • Wardrobe with lock & amp; key
  • Window Curtain
  • Room Number Plate

How can I book a room for myself?
First come first serve works.
How much I need to pay for booking?
Its absolutely free, as per Govt’s policies.
What are the documents required for arrival?
You have to bring a hard copy of the following documents:
–  Vaccination certificate (1 dose) (Hard copy)
– Parent’s written consent (Hard copy)
– Student Undertaking form (Hard copy)
– Student Allocation form (Hard copy)
– A passport-size photograph
– Own Addhar card, Addhar card of Parents & Local Guardian.
Can my parents stay in Hostel or visit the hostel?
No, due to the pandemic situation we advise that parents should only drop their ward
Can my family members avail for the lunch on the day of room allotment?
Parents are not allowed to have any meal in the hostel.
Do I need to be vaccinated for COVID?
Yes, you need to be fully vaccinated with minimum 2 doses of recognized vaccination as per Govt. of India guideline. The certificate needs to be downloaded on phone and shown at the time of arrival.
What are the electronics appliances/items that I can use in my room?
You can only use a hot water kettle, your personal music devices, (not any large boom boxes/speakers), laptop and mobile phone. No heaters/blowers are not allowed.
How frequently are the rooms cleaned?
All rooms are cleaned by professionals twice every week.
Is courier service available inside the hostel campus?
Yes, the Delivery point is available inside the campus for all e-commerce co. like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra etc.

Photos of the Hostel: