Govt. Odisha in Industries Department (Now Skill Development & Technical Education) aiming at women empowerment to provide skilled work force to the market established ITI (W) Bhubaneswar during mid of 1985 in the capital city of Odisha. After riding long steps during subsequent years of success Govt. self the road of boys candidate to be trained along with girls. The nomenclature has been changed to ITI, Bhubaneswar, where in both boys and girls are getting ample scope in craftsman training.

Also with the assistance of World Bank and State Govt. funding the ITI curriculum has been enhanced to an apex place and this ITI is having 33 units in 8 trades. These trades bearing employment potential for the youth and stress have been laid on woman & PWD.

The rising trend of this institution providing No. 1 Place in the state as commented by different visiting officers in and outside of the Country. This is not least many more paths to go in providing skill training to the youth till skilled in Odisha to achieve.

Managing Society/Trust/Company etc.

Member Structure

Name & Designation Father’s Name Address Mobile No. UID No. Whether member of any other Society/ Trust/ company Details of Society/ Trust/ company
Sri Sibasis Maity, Managing Director NA CTTC, Bhubaneswar 9861086070 NA NA NA
Rajen Padhi, Director General NA VCCI, Bhubaneswar 9437021347 NA NA NA
Sri A.K. Patanaik, Secretary NA AIEBA, MIE, Bhubaneswar 9437021347 NA NA NA
Sri Srikanta Mohanty, Deputy Director NA DIC, Bhubaneswar 9439006937 NA NA NA
Sri Amarendra Mishra, E.O. NA SEE, Bhubaneswar 9437224238 NA NA NA
Sri Parth Pratim Biswal, Assistant Manager NA DIC, Bhubaneswar 9437132053 NA NA NA
Sri Bibhuti Bhusan Mohapatra, Training Officer NA ITI, Bhubaneswar 8249053993 NA NA NA
Er. J.Satapathy, I/C Principal NA ITI Bhubaneswar 0674-2390619 NA NA NA